Why do some feminists promote being promiscuous as empowering under the guise of feminism?

Questions From Men on Feminism

It all began when I started thefemalecondition.com and presented to the world my own feminism in all its glory. At that very moment, I started receiving a flood of information and questions from everywhere. A flood that I am thankful hasn't run dry.   Surprising to me, most of the information, material and questions I receive are from men. Men, who have a variety of inputs and questions about this belief that is dear to me.   I have an immense amount to say about feminism, about women, about how to make this world better, safer, more accepting of us.  

I thought we could start here - a conversation with women answering questions from men on feminism.  

Jacklyn Collier, Caileigh Scott, Amanda Mandii, and I, all of us with differing life experiences and opinions. The conversation that ensued is broken out into multiple videos covering different topics and capturing different opinions.   The one thing that is the same throughout all of the videos is the love. This is a respectful conversation that comes from a place of love.   I hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making it. Leave questions & comments below.