HBIC: Polly Rodriguez (CEO)

Website: https://unboundbabes.com/

Products: Sex toys , sex toy boxes, and other fun stuff

The Perks: If you subscribe to the quarterly box (I do). Every quarter you receive a box of curated goodies for your pleasure. It is nice to have someone looking out for your pleasure, you know? You can pause your subscription if you aren't into that quarters box, you can just buy the items you like (no subscription required), they are awesome with returns, and they have killer sales.

My Take

I met Polly Rodriguez, CEO of Unbound, a few years back in New York. The story of how we met is pretty darn heart-warming.

I had just launched FemCon (thefemalecondition.com). When I first launched FemCon my mission was to create a web magazine with an intoxicatingly honest and unapologetic look at the female experience with a hyper-focus on normalizing female sexuality. As part of my mission, I was seeking out other women who shared my mission to collaborate on content with. I was already an Unbound Box subscriber and loved their product - most of the sex toy reviews on thefemalecondition.com, those toys are from Unbound. It seemed logical for me to reach out to Unbound  to collaborate.

One night I got brave, probably from a few glasses of wine, and emailed the general inbox at Unbound asking if I could interview their CEO. This doesn’t sound like a big step. But, for me, it felt huge. At the time, I was newly living in New York and I hadn’t had a whole lot of luck networking and building a tribe there. I was over the top excited and hopeful about my vision for FemCon, but I had that stupid voice in my head saying ‘no one cares about your small web publication.’ A few days after I sent the email into Unbound requesting an interview with their CEO, I got an email back from Polly Rodriguez herself. She introduced herself and was willing to take time out of her schedule to do a video interview with me. We made a two part video series - check it out here.

It is always amazing when you find products that you love by companies that aren't led by trash people.