10 Times Trump Proved We Need Feminism

The misogyny of Trump has put a fire under many of us to speak, to take action to protect female rights, to ensure that the female story isn't lost while we endure this joke of a presidency.  Today, of all days, (the Electoral College votes today) let's talk about the blazing light Trump starkly placed on our need for feminism in the U.S.  

10. He unapologetically said 'grab her by the pussy'

  The now infamous “locker room talk” tape where he openly degrades and objectifies women. And, of course, promotes sexual assault. Because he undoubtedly believes that women are objects to be used at his and his cohorts disposal.   But this type of language is nothing new for Trump...   “All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”  

I need feminism because sexual assault is real. Women aren't asking for it. And consent is mandatory - for everyone, every time.  

9. Choosing Pence as his running mate

  Pence isn’t just anti female reproductive rights. Pence is anti-women - unless, of course, we are all married and pregnant with no ambitions outside of the home.  

I need feminism because the vice president-elect is more focused on prosecuting women for abortion than feeding our homeless and hungry children.  

8. His insistence on being MAN of the Year

Time Magazine chose him as person of the year (barf) and he decided that 'Man of the Year' would be better for him because he is a pompous, arrogant asshole who gives 0 shits about inclusion, accounting for diversity or gender equality.   The U.S. is going through a much-needed gender role revolution. An estimated 1.4 million people in the U.S. do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth - that 0.6% of the population under his administration who need to be considered and represented.   While I found this move pompous, though not shocking. I also chuckle a little that he went out of his way to say this considering that Hillary beat him by almost 3million votes - it's almost as if on some level he knows she is his better.  

I need feminism because gender roles limit us and transgender women are women and they deserve rights and protection under our government.  

7. His completely absurd beliefs about women's health

  Fact check:

 And let's not forget he is determined to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), though he has no plan on what will replace it and admittedly, hasn't even researched the policy.  

I need feminism because there are 162 million women in the U.S. who need adequate healthcare.  

6. He ran for POTUS and was taken seriously

  If you were wondering if the patriarchy is real - a man with no political experience, a history of inexcusable behavior, and a laundry list of previous bad acts received the Republican nod to be their candidate for president.   We live in a country where he is a competitor against Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, a career politician, described by our seated President and other respected political analysts as one of the most, if not, the most experienced person to ever run for president.  

 need feminism because we need more women like Hillary Clinton willing to dedicate their lives to fighting for women and children.  

5. He ran for POTUS and won

 I still can't say that without wincing. Hillary Clinton had to fight her entire career to be considered for president and her campaign for the most important office in the world was against a reality TV star who ran because he is wealthy, white, and wanted to be there.  

I need feminism because we live in a country where a qualified woman doesn't beat an inexperienced, sexist, racist, ableist, xenophobic man.  

4. The many gross sexual comments he's made about his daughter

Anyone else wonder if she has a tell-all coming about him being inappropriate with her? I wouldn't wish this on anyone, her included. But, seriously? My dad would never consider a reality where we were dating or let some man call me a piece of ass in front of him.  

I need feminism because I don't want to see any woman (whether we share the same views or not) molested, sexually assaulted or harassed. Trump's sexualization of his daugher is absolutely a form a sexual abuse, whether he acted on his words or not.  

3. Repeal the 19th Amendment was presented as a real option for the election

Trump's followers (women included) were willing to repeal the right for women to vote for him to win the election and he said… *crickets*  

I need feminism because there are women in 2016 willing to give up their right to vote to a misogynist who doesn't care about them.  

2. He’s an accused rapist and child molester

Considering point 10 above, it isn't surprising that women have come forward with claims of sexual assault at Trump's hand. One accuser was just 13 at the time she claims the attack took place.   Bill Cosby became an instant pariah after his rape allegations. Trump? President-elect.   In Trump's defense, by the way he speaks I am not sure that he is aware he can sexually assault anyone. He has made it clear that he feels women are toys for him and we are all enthralled with him whether we know it or not.  

I need feminism because no more women need to be sexually assaulted by men who think consent doesn't apply to them.  

1. The many terrible things he has said about women

  I've heard it said more times than I can count that Trump 'tells it like it is' and that's what makes him such a refreshing candidate.  

Let's hear it direct from him:

  • “I think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.”
  • On women: “You have to treat ’em like s—.”
  • “I like kids. I mean, I won’t do anything to take care of ’em. I’ll supply funds, and she’ll take care of the kids.”
  • On approaching women: “Move forward. Even if you get smacked.”
  • On choosing beauty pageant contestants before he bought Miss Universe: “They had a person who was extremely proud that a number of the women had become doctors. And I wasn’t interested.”
  • On doing a show where all he does is rate women: “That may be the best idea of all I would say I’m the all-time judge, don’t forget, I own the Miss Universe pageant.”

 I need feminism because the man who was elected president is not someone I would feel safe to be alone in a room with.  

Today, the Electoral College decides whether we vote in the most inexperienced and loathsome president in our history. No matter what decision is made, this is a sad day for America.

Get ready 2017, it’s the year of the feminist - if you weren’t ready for my feminism at Obama, wait till you see it at Trump (I stole this from Instagram, author unknown)


Please note: In this entire list, I didn’t even mention his inability to manage international relations and foreign affairs. His refusal to relinquish his business tie which is unconstitutional for any president - he is even making money off the presidency before he has been sworn in. His outright arrogance when it comes to managing our country - of course, he is too smart for intel briefings. Protecting the rights of 300 million people is actually super easy, anyone can do it really.