Toy Review: Touch by We-Vibe

Meet the Touch by We-Vibe

  The Touch by We-Vibe is a vibrator shaped to fit just right. Whether it is in your hand or around your sensitive bits with the curved pointed tip that allows direct stimulation.  

In a Nutshell

  I've had better.  

I like the shape, material and relatively low cost of this toy.   I've used this for both solo and partner play. I definitely prefer it for solo. The way the toy is shaped is really designed for a shapely fit around a single person's private parts. Which could be your clit or his balls, either is fun, but it's not a great partner toy - nor is it designed to be.  

This toy is rechargeable via USB which is super handy since you can charge it just about anywhere. I plug mine right into my laptop. The downside is the full charge only lasts about 4 hours and after I had the toy for about a year the charge only lasted about an hour #unimpressed.  

The lack of battery power is a deal breaker for me. The thing about a toy that doesn't hold a charge well is that it doesn't hold it's intensity of vibration either and weak vibration means weak to no orgasm. Or worse, the toy dies completely on you before you get off and there you are with no vibrator trying to remember how you got off solo with your fingers in high school.   I already wasn't thrilled about the battery life of this toy before it reduced. I pretty much shut it in my toy drawer to never be used since.

Have you tried We-Vibe Touch and want to share your experience? Leave your experience in the comments, would love to hear about it.