Toy Review: Jimmyjane Hello Touch

Meet the Hello Touch

  Hello Touch by Jimmyjane is a wearable vibrator that straps onto your fingers like a glove.  

In a Nutshell

  If I am being super honest, (which I make a habit of, especially here) I bought this because I love scifi and this looked space-y in all the right ways.  

Funny story, the first and only time I tried this with a gentleman, I brought it to bed with me, hopped on top of him and smiled at him while I started putting it on his hand. He started freaking out, he thought it was going to shock him. I couldn't stop laughing at his reaction (which wasn't helping). After I stopped laughing, I asked him why in the world he thought I would shock him? He said he had no idea what I would or wouldn't do (fair). We played with it for a bit, but I wasn't that much of a fan.  

The two vibrating finger tips are small. They fit well on my little hands, but they are stretched and seem tiny on man hands. With only two vibrating finger pads, it's pretty much designed for direct clitoral stimulation. It was fun for about 10 minutes and then I was ready to ditch the gloves and be human on human.  

Long story short, fun to have as part of my collection, but I wouldn't recommend as your only vibrator or for ladies looking to better learn their own orgasm.

Have you tried Jimmyjane's Hello Touch and want to share your experience? Leave your experience in the comments, would love to hear about it.