Toy Review: Je Joue Modular Set

Meet the Je Joue Modular Vibrator

What in the world is a modular vibrator? I had the exact same question and likely the same response you are about to have - glee and delight.   Je Joue created a vibrator set that supports different extensions for different types of play.  

How Does It Work?

  Simply, you have a motor and the motor provides the stimulation for a variety of extensions.  

In a Nutshell

  Ooh la la. Coming from someone who has spent hundreds on sex toys, this is amazing. One great motor with strong intensity and battery life (which is yet to be seen) and I can have all the different types of play I wish. I'm in!  

So what do I think about these toys?

I don't know yet. I need more time with them. I know, I know - I owe you answers. I am planning some time with these and a sexy friend in the very near future.  

I have the large motor, cock ring, pebble, and classic dildo. So many reviews to come :)  

Update: I’ve been using the pebble during my many travels over the last month and I like it!   It’s lightweight, well-shaped, holds a great charge, and it is even quiet which comes in handy since I am usually alone, but not alone if you know what I’m saying... More reviews to come...

Have you tried Je Joue's modular set and want to share your experience? Leave your experience in the comments, would love to hear about it.