Toy Review: Fin by Dame Products

Meet Fin

First, let's talk about Dame Products, the company that built the Fin and Eva. 

Alex & Janet, founders of Dame Products - that's right, it's a woman-started, woman-led company. I saw Janet speak on a sex tech panel in New York September 2016 and I was immediately impressed with her. Both Alex and Janet are decorated professionals who decided to bring their expertise to benefit women. The toys you see from Dame Products are products that these bold women are researching, developing, and bringing to market. 

If you don't know anything else about the sex tech market, know this - it is one of the toughest markets to be in from end to end. From lack of investors to challenges in getting people to work with/for you to web restrictions to the lack of consistent research on the female orgasm - what these women are doing is no small feat. 

In a Nutshell

Let's Talk about Fin. 

Fin is the first vibrator that I enjoy as much as I enjoy The Wand and that is saying a whole lot. A few main features that made me ohhhh and ahhhh over this toy:


The shape of Fin provides direct stimulation to the clitoris and it is fantastic. The way Fin is shaped provide a semi-flat curved side back with a pointed front, allowing for direct stimulation. I prefer vibrating toys that are mostly flat because I like the way the vibration spreads/impacts the area applied to. For me, that shape allows for better stimulation, combine that with the pointed tip of the Fin and the feeling is divine. 

The finger holder is definitely a game changer. Fin is designed to fit perfectly in between your fingers. There is even a finger holder to keep the toy attached to your hand while you focus on directing the pleasure.

The material is soft, easy to clean, and highly durable. My fin has travelled with me for weeks since I got it; its been thrown in bags and lived quite a while in a make up drawer in my bathroom, though you would never know from looking at it. She still looks good as new. 


Fin packs a whole lot of power in a little hand held toy with multiple vibration speeds available. 


I hadn't even considered Fin's battery quality until I sat down to write the review and that is a very good thing. That means that the battery is lasting long enough for me to be happy with it. USB charging is also quite convenient. 


The Fin will set you back about $75.00, money well spent and way less than other vibrators that offer less enjoyment.

I got my Fin directly from Dame Products. You can purchase on their website or check out Unbound Box for toys, toy boxes, and great deals. 

ProTip I travel with my Fin. It's small, durable, with great battery life, easy to charge, and packs a punch. 

Have you tried Fin by Dame Products and want to share your experience? Leave your experience in the comments, would love to hear about it.