Toy Review: Eva by Dame Products

Meet Eva

First, let's talk about Dame Products, the company that built the Fin and Eva. 

Alex & Janet, founders of Dame Products - that's right, it's a woman-started, woman-led company. I saw Janet speak on a sex tech panel in New York September 2016 and I was immediately impressed with her. Both Alex and Janet are decorated professionals who decided to bring their expertise to benefit women. The toys you see from Dame Products are products that these bold women are researching, developing, and bringing to market. 

If you don't know anything else about the sex tech market, know this - it is one of the toughest markets to be in from end to end. From lack of investors to challenges in getting people to work with/for you to web restrictions to the lack of consistent research on the female orgasm - what these women are doing is no small feat. 

Eva holds an important spot for Dame Products, earning $848,637 to date in their IndieGoGo campaign. An astounding amount for a sex toy, I believe it may even be a record.

In a Nutshell

Eva is a well designed toy for partners.


The shape of Eva reminds me of a scarab beetle - you know the ones you always see in mummy movies about ancient Egypt? The scarab beetle is the magical item that unlocks the mystery, think of Eva like that. Except, it's not a mystery that clitoral stimulation will unlock your orgasm. 

Eva sits with a semi round body on top of two bowed legs that hang outside its body. The design is thoughtfully laid out and designed to have the legs sit within the lips of the vagina, holding the Eva to your body. 

Eva's shape makes the toy a hands-free experience.

This design is great for sexual interactions with a partner since your hands are free to do other things, like holding something (maybe an iPad, another toy or #EggplantEmoji),touching/rubbing and all the while Eva is providing stimulation to your clit. This is really a fantastically designed vibrator. 

You are probably wondering if Eva actually stays attached to you during playtime. In my experience, yes. It is possible to knock it out of place, but for the most part, it stays where you put it. I could, however, see this being a different experience with different body types. 

Power/Battery Life

Eva packs a whole lot of power in a little hand held toy with multiple vibration speeds available. 

Long-lasting battery life and the USB charging is convenient. 


Eva will set you back about $100 if you buy it direct from Dame Products. I got mine in a box from Unbound Box (my quarterly subscription is $65 + shipping) where I get most of my toys. I like that Unbound does the work of selecting toys for me and the treats inside the box are always fun. Plus, I've found toys end up costing me less in the subscription model versus buying them one by one.

Eva vs. Fin

In recent months, I acquired 2 toys from Dame Products: Eva & Fin.

From my initial experience, I am absolutely sure I will be buying toys from Dame Products for years to come. Alex and Janet are trailblazers in the sex tech market and I am proud to use and promote their products. 

Since I have both of these toys, I am going to go ahead and identify what toy I liked better and why. Personally, I like Fin better. 

My preference is solely based on my person and how my body interacts with the toys. I enjoy Fin more because I like using my hand to direct pressure. With Fin, I can directly apply the amount of pressure to the specific area that I prefer as I prefer it and that is a big win for me.

It is also worth noting, I do not have to have clitoral stimulation to orgasm. While I like the Eva, I found that in partner play, after some time it ends up on the floor and I am focused on my partner. If I needed that clitoral stimulation to orgasm, I imagine my focus on Eva would be different. Read: if you need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, you are going to love adding Eva to your sexual interactions with your partner. 

Have you tried Fin by Dame Products and want to share your experience? Leave your experience in the comments, would love to hear about it.