Men of FemCon: What I Love About The Female Body

I love the aura of a female body.

There are times a female body omits a force that you literally enter and exit. I love the raw power of it! 

Unfortunately, some men completely misunderstand it. I watch fools creep on women and I sometimes enjoy the thought of causing them harm. If only for a moment, I feel the honor and responsibility of defending it at all costs. I saw a construction worker cat-call a couple of my co-workers one time. Walks behind them, but turns around and faces his co-workers, “guess I’m having sushi for lunch!”.  Some men just can’t handle that level of beauty. They become disrespectful, like a school bully, in hopes that she’ll…ya know…like them? It’s really too bad.  

The female body takes many forms of awe, but to me, there is none greater than the giver of life. She holds the key to legacy and offers the pact of family. The female body is a machine of love and existence and there’s really nothing more beautiful. It puts everything in perspective. She becomes the Sun. Your hopes, dreams, cares, wants, needs, and children all begin orbiting. Prior to these events in my life, I was just a couple different wads of space garbage with no clear direction or unity.

Now, I have a focus. A reason. A passion. A nucleus. A home. She embodies order and primal purpose.  

I had a pretty weird first chunk of my life that rendered me relatively speechless and afraid of most any social interaction, especially with girls. But, I will tell you honestly, that it was the girls that were empathetic to a stutterer, not the boys. It was once I realized that a girl could still like me, even though I stuttered, that I headed down the path to slay my demons.

I love the sanctuary, hope and refuge it provides. I love how the female body feels surrounded by my arms. I love her skin on my skin. The trust is invigorating. It empowers me to feel normal and confident in my own skin, which was a legitimate struggle in my life. Job interviews have never been the same. Work has never been the same. Life has never been the same.  

In more ways than I can define, the female body has saved me from a, seemingly, meaningless existence. A woman can’t fix you. But, she can help you fix yourself. I can’t tell you what the right way is, but I can tell you my way. Respect her. Honor her. Hold the wellbeing of her and her body above yours. Offer your sanctuary. Stop wanting and needing your selfishly chosen traits of a woman. Ignore the stereotypes of men in this country because we have to be the change that inspires our children to true, equal prosperity.  

If you love the female body the right way, she may just save your life.

Phil Dedman