Men of FemCon: What I Love About The Female Body

Note from the Editor: This month on #FemCon the female contributors are writing about the objectification of the female body in mainstream society. The male contributors are writing personal pieces on what they love about the female body.   Why?   Because women feel more objectified than ever, held to more unattainable standards than ever. And while I am sure every man would tell you they love tits and ass (as would most women), when we dig deeper, we find that men love the female body not as an object, but as a physical expression of that woman. What is sexually desirable about a woman is not the perfect curation of a hairless vagina or a butt with no cellulite or a perfect contour, but the essence of that woman herself.   Enjoy, Jazmine Duke, Founder

There are several facets of a woman that can jumpstart my attraction to them.

Typically, it may begin from a glance across the room, or an introduction through a friend. No matter how brief the encounter, it is as if a subconscious checklist is tallying up a total that will lead the charge on pursuing further, or pulling back. One focus in particular, the female body, is often the first measure that garners attraction. Apart from societal norms telling me what I should find attractive, what I love most about the female body centers around everything above the shoulders.  

To me, there is a sense of delicacy stemming from a woman’s neck as it flows upward to her jawline and along her cheeks. The softness of her skin harbors a multitude of sensations, evoking an attraction to both sensitivity and poise. Moving along to the back of her head, I have always found myself to be a sucker for long an flowing hair. The aroma that emits from running my fingers through her locks is intoxicating, regardless of whether it has been ‘done up’, or is in a tangle of binders and clips.  

Front and center is the female face, and there’s nothing that will grab my attention more than honest eyes and a big smile! There is such a stark difference between the face of a male and one of a female, that I believe the attraction is fostered through that of which I don’t have. Truthfully, makeup does not sway me one way or the other. A female body is not ‘better’ because a woman puts on makeup. I very much appreciate the effort and beauty that results, but am also mindful that it is never considered a requirement. In fact, I’m just as attracted to a woman when the decision is made to not tediously apply makeup at every juncture; it speaks volumes in self-confidence (which is also incredibly attractive).  

All of these dimensions of the female body generally pique my interest. Although subtle in nature, there are distinct differences between genders that draw such attraction to the female body.  

Justin Colestock