Men of FemCon: What I Love About The Female Body

Note from the Editor:   This month on #FemCon the female contributors are writing about the objectification of the female body in mainstream society. The male contributors are writing personal pieces on what they love about the female body.   Why?   Because women feel more objectified than ever, held to more unattainable standards than ever. And while I am sure every man would tell you they love tits and ass (as would most women), when we dig deeper, we find that men love the female body not as an object, but as a physical expression of that woman. What is sexually desirable about a woman is not the perfect curation of a hairless vagina or a butt with no cellulite or a perfect contour, but the essence of that woman herself.   Enjoy, Jazmine Duke, Founder 

“See first of all, I know these so called players wouldn’t tell you this, but…” Jagged Edge, Let’s Get Married

Music has played a big role in my love life.   I serenaded my future wife with a semi-serious rendition of “I swear” by All-4-One while in college.   I have been married for nearly a decade. We married relatively early compared to most of my friends and many of them have no plans to get married any time soon. They provide many reasons why they’ll “be a player for life” but one I often hear is that they don’t want to go home to the same woman every night.

“Ain't no pussy like new pussy that's how a n**** feel.” - Wiz Khalifa, Oochie Wallie (Remix)

What I love about the female body is that it is always changing.   The female body is never the same. Hour-by-hour, day-by-day, year-by-year, it is always different. Things grow and shrink. Hair comes and goes. Weight is gained and sometimes lost. Skin gets darker and lighter throughout the year. My wife was an athlete in college with a physique that would be considered admirable by many. That physique is long gone, but what is there now is as beautiful as ever. Flat parts turn into curvy parts; parts with curves grow into larger curves.   Some of my single friends equate women to inanimate objects like cars or shoes. They get older, break down, and need to be replaced. This mindset leads to dinners for one and lots of wasted money spent on drinks for strangers at the club. This mindset is developed from years of guy talk and song lyrics about side chicks.

“Cause the entree ain't as good without something on the side.” Fabolous, Can’t Let You Go

People with this mindset are missing out. Like a song on a vinyl record, the music may sound different after 10 years but it will still make you dance the same way it always has. Like a theme park, new attractions are being developed daily. You need to come back again and again in order to experience everything that it has to offer.

Adrian Perryman