Men of FemCon: What I Love About The Female Body

Note from the Editor:   This month on #FemCon the female contributors are writing about the objectification of the female body in mainstream society. The male contributors are writing personal pieces on what they love about the female body.   Why?   Because women feel more objectified than ever, held to more unattainable standards than ever. And while I am sure every man would tell you they love tits and ass (as would most women), when we dig deeper, we find that men love the female body not as an object, but as a physical expression of that woman. What is sexually desirable about a woman is not the perfect curation of a hairless vagina or a butt with no cellulite or a perfect contour, but the essence of that woman herself.   Enjoy, Jazmine Duke, Founder

Some men love breasts, then there are those men who like women’s butts. Also, let's not forget about those men who are turned on to what they feel are a great set of legs. When it comes to the female form, the men who are attracted to them are into different things, upon which when added up, determines if he's physically attracted to a woman.  

So, recently, I was asked what is it that I love about the female body. If you've spent more than five minutes speaking to me, you'd learn really fast that I love breasts. I absolutely love them. However, I've learned that sometimes when I bring this up there are some people who automatically assume that because I love breasts that I only love the big ones. This is far from true and, like with every snowflake, each one is different and beautiful and unique from all the rest. So if you hear a guy say he's into titties, don't automatically assume he's going directly and only for the super-sized pair.  

Now, for any woman reading this, this article is not a means for me to objectify you or reduce you down to simply what's on your chest. It's absolutely not. I'm just here to tell you that your male counterparts will indeed find your physical attributes attractive and sexy, and there's nothing wrong with you feeling attractive and sexy based partly upon how you look.

  Additionally, when it comes to the female body, what's not to love? I mean it is the vessel that delivers life into world and nurtures that same baby it delivered. The female body is the often soft and warm presence that comforts you when you down, builds you up when you need encouragement and is, in most cases, the driving force for most men to become successful. The female form, all shapes and sizes mind you, is quite possibly the most powerful thing on earth, as throughout history the female form has shaped the will of men and has led them into doing amazing things. That's something to feel proud about, ladies, because right now your very body could be subconscious driving force for some man in your life to succeed.  

So when it comes to the female body, I love its warmth, I love its curves, I love its softness and I love all the unique forms it comes in. There's no set template or carbon copy that I admire most, I just know what I like when I see it, and when I find the one body that I'm truly interested in, there's no limit to the amazing things I would do in order to display that interest and establish a relationship. Your body, no matter what you think it is, is indeed beautiful. Once you see that beauty in yourself, it radiates out of you so that everyone else will too.

Dr. Aaron .R. Powell