Meet Dr. Reetu Syal

"I want every woman to be proud of her body. Follow me as I use science, knowledge, and data to help you become more aware and appreciative of the body you were given. I promise you medical information that is accurate, reliable and free of judgment."


What you will find here is honest medical information

  I can offer information to make you more knowledgeable. We can show you data and charts and boring shit as well. We can tell you what we think is best. But in the end, you decide.   We’ll give you the information. Use it as you wish. And, please stop relying on Dr. Google - one story does not make for good medical advice.  

In the end, it is your body and your health

Having said that, there is no medical advice here. Just useful information. You take it from there and I’ll be happy knowing that you got the correct information.   Our promise to you is that you won’t find ads or us trying to sell you stuff here. You won’t find selfies or pictures of what we eat or drink here either - we are not perfect. We are just like you and everyone else trying to figure out life, love, family, happiness, health, and the art of medicine.