November 9th, 2016  It took me all day, a long cry, and a short nap to sit down and write this.   When I realized that Trump would win the election, the overwhelming emotion I felt was fear.   I’ve been through elections before, I watched Bush take the election twice at my vehement disapproval both times. I never felt fearful for my safety, for my families safety, I didn’t sit down and think about what it means to bring Black children in this world.   This year has been a year of fear.   My fear comes from the hate speak we watched Trump spit out through his campaign. While he may or may not take action on his words, someone out there will.   There are groups of people in this country reveling at the permission from our Commander-in-Chief to act on their hate for people different than them.

While I understand the fear I and many others are feeling on all sides of the election – it’s time to let go of fear and trade it for action.

Let’s Do More

Today, I am making the choice not to fear. I will not live in fear, I will not be apathetic, I will not be spiteful, I am not too burned out from the last few month of emotional turmoil to step up and do more. Let's keep her good work going.   The common person is more powerful than we’ve ever been. Social media amplifies our voices throughout the world and we can connect ourselves to more people, causes, resources, and information than ever.

There are people who need our help, our kindness, our compassion, our understanding more than ever. Help Them. Be Kind. Donate. Volunteer. The opportunities to help are truly endless.

#ImStillWithHer #ImStillWithYou