I'm Going Gray & I'm Cool With It

A few weeks before my 31st birthday I noticed a shiny gray hair glistening from my hairline. Not just anywhere on my hairline, in the middle of my hairline, dead center. 

Bang! A silver hair shining brightly at me.    

I knew gray hair was coming, I wasn't quite sure when, but I knew it was on it's way. What I didn't know is that gray hair grows in gray. As in, my new gray friend isn't just in the middle of my face, it's in the middle of my face and shorter than the other hairs because it is growing in gray from the root level. Maybe it sounds stupid, but I thought the gray sort of just swept on into the existing hairs... who knew.  

If you know how I feel about makeup and it being a cover up to my natural self - because makeup is optional, if no one's told you yet. The introduction of gray hair didn't send me on mad dash to the hair salon for an immediate dying of my locks back to black.  

Like I said, I knew this day was coming. I wouldn't say I prepared for it, but I do know that I have no intentions of covering up these gray hairs, I earned these babies.  

My mom fought her gray for a long time. As did my dad, don't tell him I said that, he doesn't like to talk about the times of a receding hairline and a long braided ponytail down his back (yes, this was a real time in his life). I didn't understand why my parents fought it. They are both gray now and I like them like that. I guess my perception of my parents as always old and how they perceive or wish to be perceived is vastly different though.  

As for me, I don't mind looking older, I am older. I am not a 20-something. I am deep 30's in my soul and having my outside match that is cool with me.  

How do you feel about graying? As always, the choice is yours. Make it purposefully and make it often.

xo. Becky with the Gray Hair