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Note from Jaz: It is that time of year again. The holiday season is upon us and before long the streets will be filled with sounds of Santa’s bells ringing, reminding us to give to those less fortunate.   There is just something about the holidays that reminds us we’ve been blessed with a whole lot and we should share some of that with our fellow (wo)man. It’s likely the constant reminders, campaigns, and people on the street asking for donations - but, whatever. Giving is good!   Most of us know the traditional holiday volunteering and giving quite well: serving food at homeless shelters, food drives, toy drives, and sponsoring families less fortunate.   This holiday season, consider doing something for women in need.   Given our current political climate, donations to worthy organizations, shelters, and women in need could mean the difference between these women having and not having necessities. All month long, FemCon will be featuring organizations that need your help to support women in our community.   #ImStillWithHer #ImStillWithYou | Jazmine Duke, Founder #FemCon

The holidays are here! For those of us who survived Thanksgiving with our crazy families, congratulations. For those of you who survived consuming extra alcoholic beverages without making too many bad decisions at a friendsgiving, extra congratulations to you!

Regardless of which category you fall into, following the advice in this article will guarantee that you make at least one good decision this holiday season.

Donate to Planned Parenthood

Did you know Planned Parenthood will send STD test kits in the mail?

You can also get birth control and UTI treatment online. They offer a wide variety of convenient services and your donation helps them to keep covering us all. If you support the right to choose what birth control you want, or if you support the ability to get the morning-after pill after things get out of hand, then donate and support other people getting the benefits too.  

It's so easy - you can donate online, right here!  

You might not be able to get all of your nieces and nephews all of the latest weird gadgets and gifts, but you can donate to Planned Parenthood and still have money left over for enough booze to ride out this holiday season with your sanity intact.