Holiday Giving | Women In Need

Note from Jaz: It is that time of year again. The holiday season is upon us and before long the streets will be filled with sounds of Santa’s bells ringing, reminding us to give to those less fortunate.   There is just something about the holidays that reminds us we’ve been blessed with a whole lot and we should share some of that with our fellow (wo)man. It’s likely the constant reminders, campaigns, and people on the street asking for donations - but, whatever. Giving is good!   Most of us know the traditional holiday volunteering and giving quite well: serving food at homeless shelters, food drives, toy drives, and sponsoring families less fortunate.   This holiday season, consider doing something for women in need.   Given our current political climate, donations to worthy organizations, shelters, and women in need could mean the difference between these women having and not having necessities. All month long, FemCon will be featuring organizations that need your help to support women in our community.   #ImStillWithHer #ImStillWithYou  |   Jazmine Duke, Founder #FemCon

Help Your Fellow (Wo)man

According to the National Women’s Law Center, as of 2015, women are 35% more likely than men to live in poverty.

More than one in eight women, more than 16.9 million, lived in poverty in 2015. More than 2 in 5 (45.7 percent) of these women lived in extreme poverty, defined as income at or below 50 percent of the federal poverty level. This means nearly 1 in 16 women lived in extreme poverty last year.

Women (13.4 percent) were 35 percent more likely than men (9.9 percent) to live in poverty in 2015. Women were also more likely than men to be in extreme poverty. 6.1 percent of women versus 4.4 percent of men lived in extreme poverty in 2015.

Being a woman is expensive. I can’t imagine being in poverty and trying to afford feminine products, doctors appointments, bras, underwear.   Many of these women also have children to provide for, so what they little they do have likely goes to the needs of their children, leaving very little to nothing left for themselves.   Homeless women have it the worst, getting your period in the comfort of your own home is hard enough. Can you imagine living in a shelter or on the street and getting your period? I wouldn’t even know where to start on trying to manage that.  

Want to Help?

Are you looking to help, but don’t have time to figure out donating on your own? No problem, check out Aunt Flow! 

Aunt Flow is a subscription based organization that donates feminine hygiene products based on your order. You order one, one is donated. It's that simple.   And the best part? Their products are actually good for your vagina. FDA approved, 100% cotton, no fragrance, no dyes, biodegradable goodness. Am I a subscriber? You're damn right I am. You can subscribe below.   >>Subscribe  

Know of a great organization that helps women? Share in the comments.