Hairly There

I can remember quite vividly being a lifeguard at summer camp and the boy's teasing if I had a forest growing "down there." That teasing led to my first awkward attempt with soap and a dull razor in a cold camp shower at trimming my pubic hair into submission.  We all have our stories. Most of us went through the right of passage with the shaving of our legs and underarms. For those of us, the now embarrassing pictures of plucked eyebrows from fifth grade. And, eventually, we all had to deal with what I did, that virgin vagina hair experience.  

Hair’s Function is to Protect the Body  

In the beginning, there was a purpose for hair. It is for the protection of our bodies. Eyebrows add protection to our eyelids; underarm hair protect's that very sensitive layer of skin; leg hair add's protection against the elements of weather. And the hair on our vagina not only protects our labia, clitoris, and urethra from infection, but it also provides a cushion during intercourse.   As our transportation and clothing industries began to enlarge, the need to protect our bodies from the elements became less. At the same time, our cultural and social norms evolved with the type and style of clothing to protect our bodies. The caveat is on our outer bodies, the need for covering our actual skin itself is still up for debate the hair removal industry might argue.  

Multi-billion Dollar Hair Removal and Marketing Industry  

Why are women compelled to be hair free? Hair removal is cultural. There is no biological reason to remove it. At some point in our society beauty became a smooth silk, hairless woman. Multi-billion dollar hair removal echoes its massive advertisement industry. Surrounding and inundated us with every conceivable marketing tool and product to be more sleek, beautiful and hair free.  

The cost for women to be hairless beauties defies logic. At least for this woman's monthly budget, it does. Razors, shaving gel, soothing gel after, lotion for razor bumps after that, tweezers, magnifying mirrors, or the cost of the monthly appointments for the eyebrow color and waxing, leg waxing, Brazilian or whatever your vaginal waxing shape preference. And on and on.  

Costly? Oh, Yes.  

If you are faithful to your hair free maintenance, you will be going every four to six weeks. No surprise for the hair removal industry it is quoted: "In 2014, an estimated 300,000 businesses racked up sales totaling $11 billion,"- as stated in by Vanna Le, Senior Editor  

A Body Free of Hair  

With the progression of pornographic magazines and easier access to porn online, a vagina free of hair is now the norm. Women who want to emulate for their partners this fantasy have made Valentine's Day big business for the hair removal industry. One laser company online even advertised it as the perfect gift.  

Just out of curiosity I Googled "What do men find so attractive about hairless vagina's?" I was surprisingly shocked to find the top ten search sites revealed the vast majority of the male population simply prefer a clean vagina with trimmed pubic hair. You might want to have a discussion with your partner before you buy the laser package.  

Body hair has become not a thing of beauty; it has become a thing of ugliness. If it is not on our head, it has become controversial. It became political in the sense that if you choose not to shave, you must be one of those "feminist" who chooses to be outside the beauty norm of society. I am thinking of last year when Miley Cyrus lifted her arms in defiance to show her hair in her armpits to photographers, and the internet went mad.  

Personal Preference. My #body #choice #hair  

But, to challenge that, being a feminist is all about "choice and equality." If I want a unibrow, hair on my legs, under my arms, and a forest on my vagina. So what? My body. My choices. My hair. Feminism has taken on a strong voice that reflects a woman's personal preference is acceptable. Even actresses have stepped up, such as Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow to support a more natural approach to a woman's body.  

What woman are unfairly lacking is education on what hair removal ramifications and damage does to their bodies. I wrote earlier; hair serves a purpose. Each time a hair is plucked, waxed, razored, or removed you are leaving an open wound that gives bacteria and infection access to your body. Not all salons are clean. Wax is not new with each use. Lasering means it is gone forever. Whatever you chose, Do it safely.  

I think of it every summer. I dread the hair game. I must admit, I am happy that fall season is here because of long pants and long sleeved shirts! In full disclosure, with an occasional trim, my body doesn‘t get the full dehairfication (yes, I made that word up) until next summer. Well, unless I hit the lottery and head to the Maldives.

It is a Two-way Hair Street and Words of Encouragement  

I feel the same way about the men I enjoy, so to speak. I like my men to manscape. I don’t like extended nose hair or hair out of his ears that you can French braid. In all fairness, there is nothing worse than going down to give a man head and searching through the forest to get to his dick and then enduring hair up your nose, in your mouth, scratching your chin while during the act. I get that. It is my expectation they do, too.  

The encouragement I will leave you with is this, as you age, you care less about being virtually "hairless." Brazilians aren't worth the pain; an electric razor trim is just as good. Mother Nature is on your side, and your hair thins out everywhere as you grow older. You will require less eyebrow and leg hair removal. Most of the time a couple of plucks of stray brow hairs and a few swipes of your legs does the trick.  

Girl, I am even going back to my granny panties, but I digress, that's for another article.