Women in their late 20’s and early 30’s are dealing with a lot these days.

The single ladies often covet the married life and thanks to social media, the single life can look a lot more fun than it actually is.  One thing married and single gals have in common is that we NEED to foster and maintain close friendships.  

Some of us have friends that we are lucky enough to see or talk to every day and others, the contact is much more sporadic, but not less impactful. No matter how often I speak to my close friends, I sometimes struggle with how to respond when they are being a “Negative Nancy”. No offense to those of you named Nancy, but really, what do you do when your friend is just complaining about the same body part, the same job, the same guy etc? We all have that friend and if we’re being honest, we’ve all been that friend.

Life gets hard and it can be difficult to get out of a negative loop. So, what do we do?

We listen and we support because those are the duties of being a good friend. We listen to the bitching, the complaining, the ranting about nothing and we respond accordingly because one day, soon enough, likely monthly, we will be on the opposite side.