The Flex Company


HBIC: The Flex Company was founded and still run by Lauren Schulte & Erika Jensen


Products: FLEX, disposable menstrual disc 

The Perks: Tampon replacement & mess-free period sex

My Take

I am a ride-or-die FLEX girl. I'll be completely transparent about my love for FLEX and my relationship to The Flex Company. 

In early 2017, I attended the FLEX launch party in New York where I met Lauren, Erika, and learned about menstrual discs for the first time. Over 30 years old and just learned about a menstrual disc or cup - late to the party, I guess. At the launch event, Lauren spoke to the audience about how she suffered from yeast infections and founded The Flex Company to bring a period product to market for women struggling with the same issue as her. I happen to be one of those women. My vagina is highly prone to bacterial and yeast infection from a number of causes. One of the causes making my vaginal infections chronic was my monthly period + tampons.

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. This is my understanding of what was happening: when the blood comes it can throw your PH balance out of wack (what keeps your vagina healthy), when that PH balance is disrupted your body sends good stuff to the walls of your vagina (vulva) to prevent the infection, using a tampon sucks all of that good stuff from your body, leaving you with an infection. These infections can become chronic because as soon as you cure one, another one is on the way with your next cycle. Or you could be like me and struggle to even get rid of the first infection before your next cycle starts.

Side Note: If you are going through this or something like it, your first step needs to be seeing an OBGYN. Vaginal infections can have many causes, you need to get specific care to determine what is causing yours. I have seen countless OBGYN's. I actually saw 3 different OBGYN's in 2017 - don't be afraid to get a second or third opinion. It's your body, you need to be the captain of your care!

I left the FLEX launch event and threw out my tampons - actually, I donated them to Pretty Little Purses, but you get what I mean. I started on FLEX with my next cycle and for the first time in I don't know how long (monthsssss), I didn't get an infection with my period. 

This is why I LOVE FLEX. This product solved a problem for me that I didn't think could be solved. I had seen multiple doctors about this and none of them gave me any advice other than pushing me to accept living with chronic infections. 

Screenshot 2017-11-28 17.31.30.png

Using FLEX

The first cycle using FLEX can be a bit daunting. Frankly, the transition from tampons to a disc or cup is challenging. You have to learn how to get FLEX inserted snugly and then removed without splashing blood across your bathroom (it can happen, trust me). Luckily, there is great guidance on The Flex Company website and once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy. 

An advantage of FLEX is you can wear it in anticipation of your period. For instance, when I participated in the Women's March in Washington, D.C. January 2017 (woot woot). I had a 4 hour bus ride into D.C. and then the march all day where I assumed there would be a limited amount of bathrooms available. I knew my period was coming soon, but I wasn't exactly sure on what day or time. So, I wore my FLEX in anticipation of my period. That way, if my period arrived, I wouldn't be stuck bleeding through my jeans hunting for a public bathroom. 

One of the best parts of FLEX is mess-free period sex. Because of the way FLEX is designed you can enjoy play time with a partner (oral or penetration). I like to take a shower, insert FLEX while in the shower and then proceed to whatever fun is in store. This leaves you feeling and tasting fresh for the fun ahead. 

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The Flex Company doesn't pay me to promote them nor do I get my FLEX for free. I promote them and sat on the cover of their magazine, The Fixx, because I believe in this product and it's founders.