FemCon is Evolving

I started The Female Condition to support women. All women. And, something that has become glaringly obvious to me in recent months is that there is no feminism without inclusion.

The feminist revolution we are fueling is dependent upon us working together. All of us, hearing, accepting, and supporting each other.

The Journey is the Important Part

We are going to go on this journey of being inclusive together. I certainly don’t know all of the right answers, but I do know it’s all of us together or it’s nothing.

So, I started asking questions on how FemCon provides a more inclusive experience for ALL women. There are more people and plans coming with this in the future.

Here is where we are today, The Female Condition is a place for humans who identify as women.


The content on the site will continue to be focused on women. If you see a gendered term (woman/female/she/her) this means all humans who identify as women. And, steps are being taken to speak to all women openly, honestly, with inclusion in mind. 

First off, I am actively working on getting more diversity in the content on thefemalecondition.com. The majority of the content is from a cisgender, heterosexual view of the world, and that’s great. I love the content on the site and will continue to host this content. I am simply being mindful that this view of the world is nowhere near the end of the female story, so I am actively working on getting different perspectives on the site - different races, gender identities, sexual orientations, other things I haven’t learned about yet (read: all female stories welcome/wanted).

Note: Cisgender means that your identity matches the parts you were born with. Being or identifying that you are cisgender isn’t a bad thing, I am cisgender. However, don’t be a dick about it to others who aren’t cisgender. Understand that cisgender people have privilege not given to other people and actively work to help our sisters rise - don’t speak for other people, but if you can use your privilege to give another an opportunity to speak for themselves. Do it!

Whosits’n’whatsits Moving forward, the articles are going to be labeled. Why? So you know what you are getting from the read. FemCon will never be a place where every single article is for everyone and that’s okay! Reading about other’s experiences is as important, sometimes more so, than reading about our own experience in the world.

 Content Label Template

Content Label Template

I am using the Genderbread Person as a basis for the labels. If you haven't seen this yet, I highly recommend. It's a helpful guide. 




If something doesn’t need to be gendered, it *might* not be. I’m still considering this part, making things dominantly female or feminine is a mission of mine. Why? Because it’s the femaleness that is disrespected and oppressed. Fighting against that is deeply engrained in my soul. Gendering or not gendering based on the language in the content will be decided on a case by case basis.

In Closing

Today, isn’t the end of the evolution.

Like I mentioned above, the journey is the most important part and we will continue to work together on being inclusive. I will continue to evolve into a better feminist and human and as I evolve, I will be transparent on that evolution so that you know what to expect from FemCon and hopefully, learn something to contribute to your own evolution.

stay wild women. jaz