What Every Women Must Know About Her Body

When women talk about their private areas, they automatically say something like “my vagina hurts” or “something’s wrong with my vagina”. It’s like the equator - above it, my stomach, below it, my vagina.

I’m not sure at what point in history we all started calling the area under the bushy hairline the vagina.

Maybe it’s easier than learning words like vulva, urethra, labia, or mons pubis?

Maybe we’re afraid of saying the words wrong?

Maybe we’re embarrassed, so we use words like coochy, beaver or vajajay?

Maybe no one, including our moms, talked about these things with us?

Come to think of it, my mom never said a word about her vagina, let alone my vagina.But, dumbing down female anatomy does not serve women well and it’s not just a problem of generations past. It’s still happening today.

Here’s a list of a few questions to test your knowledge of female anatomy

1. What is the name of the hole where you pee from?

2. The peephole is located above or below the clitoris?

3. What does introitus mean?

4. How many “lips” are there on each side, 2 or 3?

5. If you shove a tampon too far into the vagina, where will it go?

6. A broken hymen means you have been sexually active. True or false?

7. Are female hormones produced by the ovaries or tubes?

8. How many tubes and ovaries do you have?

9. What is the mons pubis?

10. Which female organ has a hood/covering over it? Exactly, like the hood of a car.

Together, we are going to answer these questions and talk about female anatomy, the good, the gross, the ugly, and the stinky.

In the end, I hope you understand that your body is beautiful and can perform wondrous acts. But first...Anatomy 101.

How can we be empowered women when we don’t even know the basic names of our anatomy and the functions of each part of our genitalia?