Am I a Bitch or a Diva?

Am I a Bitch or a Diva?

That's what I wonder when I tell people that I use a Diva Cup and they look at me like I just asked for a double half-caf to be served slightly above lukewarm.

What is the Diva Cup?


  The Diva Cup is a glorious menstrual tool and not a way for me to assert dominance over my local barista.   Some of you may have heard of this alternative method to controlling your menstrual flow, but many women out there are still asking strangers for tampons or making big messes while sleeping at night. I was constantly finding myself in both situations and finally, after complaining to a dear friend about how tired I was of having to throw away sheets and countless pairs of underwear, she asked me if I had heard of this new contraption. Unlike most people I talk to, I had in fact heard of a Diva Cup. What I had not heard about was how it worked and why it was different.  

The Diva Cup is a smallish, silicone cup. Think the size of a child's tea party cup. Why is it different than a pad or tampon? Well ladies, it's good for the environment! One cup is said to last at least one year and up to 5 years. That right, one cup for years! Now don't be grossed out because of course you wash it... Just like all those panties you've been ruining, but it doesn't stain or smell. No worrying about flushing your 3-4 tampons a day down the toilet that goes who knows where, never to be dissolved into earth. Those of you who are super in the know and are into the biodegradable tampons already, good for you, but with the cup, you also don't have to worry about those annoying "please don't flush anything even your used toilet paper signs".

Side note: those places are all annoying anyway.

  Ok, back to why these little cups are delightful. They can be worn for up to 12 hours before they need to be emptied and can hold about 30 ml. The average tampon or pad can only hold up to 9 ml and before you get that far, you're already feeling soggy, wet and gross.  

My Experience With the Diva Cup

  So, I bit the bullet and spent the $35 bucks to buy one. FYI, there are 2 options to choose from they are basically for under or over 30 years old. Yes, I was mildly offended at the implication since I myself am over 30, but my friend advised that it was more so pre and post baby. I am without child so I went with under 30. I am a woman savvy of modern technology, so it came the next day thanks to Amazon Prime. Now, I really committed to this because I didn't even buy tampons as a back-up!  

I read the instructions but was still a little unsure on how to use it, so I went to my safety net, YouTube, and found quite a few super helpful videos:  


A lot of the videos talked about folding it like a taco. I figured anything that repeatedly mentioned tacos in relation to my period was good in my book! I watched about 3 videos before I felt ready to take the plunge and I got it in on the first try. It's really as easy as they say!

The first few nights, I slept on top of a towel to be safe. Personally, my first 2 days tend to be really heavy and since I am super active, I felt more comfortable dumping the cup after about 9 or 10 hours. It was pretty full and I did have a couple spillovers, but nothing like the blood baths I've experienced in the past with tampons. I'm now about 8 months in and totally love it! I've saved money, helped the environment and been a little nicer to my body.

All pluses in my book! So go get your cup and stop making a mess.