Consent Comes to Primetime



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A young attractive intoxicated couple makes their way into the Jacuzzi, where they take off their bathing suits. From their movements, it isn't hard to image the intimate contact going on under the water. The man then lifts the woman onto the side of the Jacuzzi, puts his face between her legs and begins to lick.

The above couple, DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, are reality television stars from the hit shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette retrospectively. Each became well known as the “villain” of their show.

I must give a disclaimer at this point. I have never been a watcher or a fan of any of the Bachelor show series.

Last Sunday, the first night of filming, a story line was put into play for the two villains to "hook-up" for the current television show Bachelor in Paradise. However, things went horribly wrong. What everyone can agree on is what I described as I started this blog.

What has now become of issue; did Corinne Olympios give consent for sexual contact?

DeMario admitted to being too drunk to penetrate Corinne but said "kissing, touching, fingering, and oral" took place. He staunchly claims he did nothing wrong and that he believed because she initiated the contact, she was comfortable with what was happening.

There are cast members who are supporting his claim saying their interaction appeared to be consensual, and she was lucid.

A few crew members on set, however, have gone to a new outlet,, to sell a different story. "Corinne kept sliding under the water and DeMario tried to hold her up, and at the same time, he appeared to be having intercourse with her. After he finished - which only lasted a few seconds - he lifted her out of the water and laid her on the cement, where he proceeded to have oral sex with her."

Olympios upon waking up the next morning was filled in on the details of the previous night's events by fellow cast members. She is now claiming that she was "blackout" drunk and unable to give consent to any sexual act.

Between filming on Sunday and Tuesday, someone with a moral compass in the bowels of Warner Bros. saw the footage and became alarmed.

On Tuesday, Jackson and Olympios were brought in by the Executive Directors of Bachelor in Paradise for a meeting. 

The Executive Director informed them he was "uncomfortable" with the footage shot. An investigation into allegations of misconduct had begun, and suspension of the filming for the show would be indefinite.

In the name of “good television” two reality stars were taped by a professional camera crew consuming enough alcohol to make one of them allegedly blackout. One, who allegedly lost the ability to say “yes” to a consensual sex act, was taped receiving oral sex. That woman was then escorted back to her room to “sleep it off.”

No one stepped in to say “no.” Both parties, Jackson and Olympios, have lawyered up. Warner Bros. is not releasing the footage of the incident at this time pending investigation.

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