The Brock Turner case is appalling.

To start, there is the audacity of his parents to ask for leniency. Then there is the stupidity of the judge for agreeing and giving him leniency. Then there is the outcry of the people in his defense, because they believe he is “sorry”. Not to mention, at a basic level, how can a human even do that to another human? 

What irks me in the deepest part of my soul are those protesting that this mistake shouldn't derail or further impact or ruin his life.   It should.   Brock Turner did something horrific to another human, and while we can all agree it was a mistake, it is a mistake worth paying dearly for.  If your reaction to seeing an unconscious person is to take them by a dumpster and assault them with a foreign object, I would pose that your future wasn't too bright to start with. You are exactly the type of person we build prisons to protect the rest of humanity from. Happy, healthy people don't go around tearing other people apart.  

Brock Turner felt completely entitled to do what he did.

If you read the response from his parents, it’s no wonder why – apparently his desires and wants outweigh consent, and her rights, and her feelings. Even now, protecting his future outweighs protecting hers.  

Consent isn’t a nicety; it isn’t a polite thing we do to make someone feel better. It isn’t only valid when a man feels like being respectful or kind.

What happened to the woman in the Brock Turner case happens all the time. It’s happening in big cities and small cities. It’s practically an epidemic on our college campuses. And it’s happened at the hands of athletes more times than we can count. This situation is only rare because you know about it. The media coverage and the public outcry in defense of her is what makes this case different from the thousands of other cases just like it.  

Women at our colleges are being assaulted, and the colleges cover it up to protect the college. Family members assault women and children in their homes, and we cover it up to protect the family. Athletes attack and sexually assault women, and we cover it up to protect their careers and the team’s ability to win games.  

While people rally to protect Brock Turner, to protect his future, who is protecting our women? Who is protecting the next generation of women who will undoubtedly be asked to accept that the world they live in abuses and takes from them against their will? That believes that consent is a nicety we are allowed at times? That being a good girl means bending to a man when he really wants it, while quietly managing scars from abuse and not fighting to get justice against our abusers.  

Without respect of sexuality there is no equality.