Bossy Lady Takeover

This week's Monday Motivation is brought to you by the letter F for Female Entrepreneur.

  With women holding down the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America, notably Black women who are thriving in 322% growth since 1997.

"Economists and academics agree women entrepreneurs are an under-tapped force that can rekindle economic expansion. Women are becoming more entrepreneurial." - Geri Stengel, the voice of women entrepreneurs at Forbes.

Are you a Bossy Lady with Big Dreams? Me too!

You are nowhere near alone with your big dreams (I'm here), and there is a whole group of us on the rise. Here are a few online resources that I frequent for #BossBabe motivation:  

    • Boss Babe Network - Perfect for the boss babe living in the digital age.
    • Mogul - A platform for women to share information worldwide.
    • Daily Worth - I've said it before, and I will say it again: If you are serious about your business, you need to be serious about your finances.

Wondering What You Can Do? reports almost half-of female founders (48%) cite a lack of available mentors or advisers as holding them back.   Get involved and mentor! Or ask for a mentor!