Behind Every Great man is a Dominating Woman in Tight Black Leather


This article is written by a woman with the intended audience of other women.

Wondering what this is? Read about it

It will be fun, she said.

It will be cool, she said. Cool?

This was an understatement. This was incredible.

As the door cracks and I step into the room, I instantly realized I am no longer going to your basic house party. I had stepped into fantasy land. Multi-colored lights glowing, streamers, slick black leather, some fairy dust, and combat boots dancing in rhythm to the Dungeness music playing.

In that moment, I think to myself where has this white rabbit led me?

 Hannah & Eve

Hannah & Eve


Meet Hannah Allen, 27, living in Tulsa, O.K. Hannah is participating in one of the most taboo communities around., she is  a permanent fixture in the Tulsa BDSM community.

Her realm includes anything and everything from demos of large insertables to wax, knife, rope, choking, fire, and impact presentations. She spends her days teaching women that are not well acquainted with the “lifestyle”  the ropes and, importantly, how to do it safely. She teaches women how to get in touch with their more dominant side. How to be strong willed. How to make someone love you and fear you at the same time. Most importantly, Hannah teaches this in a safe environment with healthy boundaries.

Being a female in the BDSM community hasn’t always been easy and definitely not always pleasurable, but always worth it.

Over the years, doubt has shown its face many times. Hannah says this is normal for being such an open and explicit environment. Hannah always encourages to choose partners wisely and make boundaries clear. Having been pushed around by men and boys growing up, Hannah found a way to channel it into strength and turn it into something that is now a lifetime passion.

“The fear of speaking to everyone, butt ass naked, with your legs and vagina spread wide open. It’s a very vulnerable position to be in, but at the same time is completely normal in the community. The transition over the years from "normal life" and lifestyle life.... It was hard gauging what was appropriate and what wasn't… That was the scariest. Not knowing how open I could be coming from a square world that has no concept of open. Not only that but the discrimination you can find especially by male dominants. They feel as though dominant women are just a trial and error. Haha! They have no clue how much resisting someone who wants something from me gets me off.” - Hannah

As I continued roaming around the dark corners of the house I ran into the kitchen where all the colors and creative love monsters come alive. Beautiful purple haired, bedazzled darlings standing in the corner petting one of the subs who is puppy roleplaying. The kitchen is filled with smoking jays and cups filled with rum while they are all chitchatting about the latest in the community. So curious, I meander into the living room I soon realize that this is just their idea of a birthday party. Wondering how did I miss my invite long ago?


Bent over a spanking table is one of  Eve’s subs. Eve starts to demo to everyone the proper way to dominate with spanking. One of two ways: One to discipline; one to pleasure; and knowing the fine line is the beauty.

“This here is prime real estate,” she says massaging the inner thigh and ass cheeks of her sub.

“Here is where you want to hit to engage arousal then rub the blood out preparing for the next hit.” Eve goes on to explain not only the physical repercussions but also the emotional consequences for the sub. Eve cracking jokes and being playful makes it easy to be comfortable even when she is spreading her subs ass cheeks spitting a loogie in it and telling him she will see him later upstairs.y mouth hit the floor when I saw this, I couldn’t help my reaction. I had never seen any women be so dismissive. It was hot. It was wrong. It was everything I ever wanted to be as women. STRONG and DOMINATING.

Eve Smith. Showing others how to crack the whip in a polyamorous relationship. Traveling across the country to not only express herself sexually but to spread the knowledge of a pleasurable sex life.

After picking my jaw up off the floor, I found myself thinking, how come dominating women are so taboo?

Why aren't we trying to learn more from women like Hannah and Eve?

My new found life goal is to sit down, shut up, and listen as these women rock the scenes of Tulsa late nights. They are showing others how women are taking the reigns on what they like, how they like it, and being completely unforgiving in their wake.