Anal Sex: Let's Talk About Prep, Baby

I know, I know. Ha ha, this is funny.

This is real though.

You are embarking on an adventure to insert something into your butt hole, where your poop comes from. (poop emoji) *said with no judgement or shame*

My ultimate concern is your safety and pleasure in this experience.

Let’s Talk About Prep


Again, your poop comes from here. I know, I know, I keep saying it, but I need to make sure you understand this part, acknowledge it and are actively involved in the process to make sure poop doesn’t interrupt your sexy time.

Clean your butt first. And not just wash the outside with soap. I recommend cleaning out the inside as well. You’ll feel more comfortable and it reduces the risk that you poop on your partner.

Personally, I like these. They also have hoses that connect to your shower. Want to know all the options? Search 'Anal Cleaner' on, lots of options to choose from. 

Rinse and repeat with water until the water runs clear. You don't need to put any chemicals in the water. As a general rule, I don't put chemicals on or near my nether region. The vagina is self-cleaning and I've found that my body is better when I use plain water;  unless something is wrong, washing with water is just fine (I am not a doctor. This is a personal opinion).

Heterosexual female commentary: In my experience, it’s more embarrassing for you than it is for him. All you can think is the horror of pooping on another human which you never thought could happen, but it did. And he, well he is still basking in the glory of getting his dick in your ass.


Plugs are your friend, my friend.

My recommendation is the multipack with the different sizes. That way, you can try different sizes and see what feels best. Play with the plugs solos before partner play. 

ProTip: Plugs are fun to play with whether you are prepping for anal sex or not. Play with them, have vaginal sex with one in your rear, try different sizes, try the vibrating ones - have a good time with it. 


You need it, lots of it. Seriously, load it on. Especially the first time, you can use less later. Keep a towel close by and be ready to wash your sheets, things can get... sticky. 

ProTip: They have lube especially for anal sex. You can try one of those or my friends at have a box of different lubes you can try (Search: Lube Box). I prefer The Good Company brand for vaginal and anal sex. 

Watch it First

Now, don’t try to go full porn star your first time. Remember porn stars literally train for this. It is totally okay if you never get to porn star anal fucking level. It’s not a competition, it is about you enjoying this experience with your partner

ProTip: Watch some homemade anal porn with your partner (you can literally search that term 'homemade anal' on any site) it gets things #hawt and opens a dialogue on what you’d enjoy and what you wouldn’t.