A Note From Jaz

Who the F*ck am I?

Let's dive right in - who am I and why do you care?

In the internet age it is vital that we know the who behind the content we consume. Too often we buy into nameless, faceless media promoting strong messages with no person to tie it all back to. The Female Condition isn't one of those accounts. 

Hi, I'm Jazmine Duke. My friends call me Jaz. 


Basics: 32. Gemini. Live in Atlanta. From Minnesota. Biracial. Big dreamer. Bigger #GoalGetter. Soft heart. Slick mouth. Technology manager by day. Business owner at night and on weekends. Feminist all day, errryyyyyday. For more about my other pursuits

My Feminism

My feminism is all about creating choices and opportunities for women. Too often, women are limited in what we can achieve. I'm here for a world where women make decisions for their lives. Where women are given the same opportunities and benefits as their male colleagues. A world where women are allowed to be multi-faceted humans without being punished or shamed.


Why Did I Create The Female Condition?

The simple answer is that the women of the world deserve better and I want to be a part of making sure that happens.

You'll notice that The Female Condition has a hyper focus on us building together as a community #CommunityoverCompetition. There are more things that I can count that need to change in the world to make it a better place for women. While we work to change the world, let's build up our feminist community to be a place of love, acceptance, and support for our sisters. If you've been a feminist for any amount of time, you know that there are "feminists" who are as malicious as they come. The woman-on-woman hate needs to end and it ends with us.

What's the Mission?

TheFemaleCondition.com = Female Experience + Feminist Theory + Action + a dash of pop culture

Together, we're building a feminist community focused on supporting womankind. Women deserve better and while we demand better of the world, we are going to grow to be better for each other.

xo. jaz